Some Things You Did Not Know About Google


Google is undoubtedly one very formidable presence in this day and age where the internet is a huge thing. Everybody seems to b connected to the web and one very prominent name that will often stand out among online users is Google. The company was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page back when they were taking their Ph.Ds at the Stanford University.

To say that this is a successful company is indeed an understatement. There is certainly something more than what meets the key as far as this brand is concerned and that is on the positive side, of course. With such a simple layout, Google has since been known for doing things quite differently. Somehow, this has worked and has kept it immersive, fresh, and very progressive quite consistently.

For these that did not know, the term which the name was derived from is a mathematical term. Googol is the term that is used when one is followed by a hundred zeroes. This is a good thing though because if they have not decided to switch the name to Google, the company would have been named by the founders as Backrub- doesn’t really have as good a ring to it as Google.

The company has been known for its initiatives at going green. Part of this is renting goats that are tasked to get their lawns mowed. This is done on the mountain of the company’s headquarters. A lot of employees claim that it is very calming to see the goats doing their business of nibbling the grass away on their windows as opposed to seeing lawn mowers do the job.

Since 2010, the company has been active in acquisitions. On average, it has been able to acquire at least a company on a weekly basis. Among these names are YouTube, Waze, and Android just to name a few. Many companies that are existent around may actually be owned by Google.

When it comes to hiring new employees or recruiting prospective ones, the company has its own unique style of doing things as well. There is this tool called that it uses to recruit new employees. Basically, it basis its recruitment on the kinds of things that the person searches on the web.

For its very first doodle, the company came up with the Burning Man, It came out on 1998, August the 30th, to be exact and it was a stick figure. It came into realization when Sergey and Larry went to the Burning Man Festival that was held in Nevada. The doodle was added to the company’s homepage to let their users know that the two were not in the office and that they are unable to attend to technical issues.